January 28th, 2004

  • kostja

"Gruppo Autonomo Cossacchi Savoia"

"COSSACKS in the Italian 8th Army:

In September 1942 a battallion of Cossacks was formed witn the Italian 8th Army. It was called "Gruppo Autonomo Cossacchi Savoia". This battallion returned with the Italians back to Italy in 1943. In Italy they formed 2 Cavalry-Squadrons with the Regiment "Lanzieri Novara". The Cossacks wore traditional Cossack costume and Russian uniforms. On the right upper arm was a chevron in white/blue/red (the Imperial Russian colors). The "Italian" Cossacks were absorbed into the "Kazacij stan" of MajGen DOMANOV (a "German" unit) This "Kazacij stan" was in the near of Tolmezzo/Northern Italy."

Cossack 625th Btl and Gruppo Savoia shields
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